The holy JumJum wants sacrifices. Bring him what he wants or lose his favor. An insane 3D searching game with as much fun as panic.

Result of the Ludum Dare game jam in December 2018

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Wobbely Fists

Throw, draw and knock your enemies off the map. But attention! Do not stumble over your own arms.

Result of an internal university game jam in 2018

Whiskey on Ice

An small survival game in an icy forest with far too few clothes and too much whiskey.

Long forgotten game prototype

Node-based Dialogue System

A node-based dialogue system to create awesome dialogues in unity without any hardcoding.

Already developed theme of my bachelor thesis in 2019

Localization System

A localization system to translate strings into different languages. Contains comfort functions like replacers for arguments and project scan function like GNU gettext.

Many other tools & systems

I did an apprenticeship as a software developer, before I realized how great game development is. Nevertheless, I remain faithful to the tools. Among other things, I have developed a sound system, an inventory system and an ingame terminal.